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Principal Update 8-29-20

Good Evening Mill Hill Families, 
Our Mill Hill Staff reported to school on Friday and began the work of preparing for student arrival. Yes, things functioned a bit differently. We had our larger staff meeting virtually, classrooms were adorned with fewer desks and furniture, and our review of health protocols included a lengthy discussion of Covid-19 protocols and PPE. That being said, the staff were their normal hard-working selves, putting aside their personal anxiety to focus on doing all they could to create a safe and productive learning environment for our Mill Hill children. 

8/27/2020 - Cohort Times/ Orientations

Greetings MH Families!

I hope you are all well. I was hoping to get more detailed information to you today regarding many things, including arrival and dismissal procedures, but I am forced to wait on some renovation progress before doing so. My apologies for that. In the meantime, I'd like to provide you with some important information for your planning. Here is a breakdown of times for the different cohorts:

Principal's Message - January 26, 2020

I have to begin this update on a serious note with an appeal for your help. While we continue to educate our children on the importance of such qualities as kindness, respect, compassion, and empathy, we have been forced to address many issues lately that run contrary to these core beliefs in many of our grade levels. Of particular concern, are our upper grade levels in their behavior toward one another as well as their treatment of the physical school environment itself. 

Principal's Message: 11/1/19

Dear Parents,

I feel like a broken record (wait, do kids even know what that is?) but I can't believe that it's November 1! I thought that March was supposed to go in like a lion and out like a lamb? Maybe October didn't get that message! I hope you all fared well with the rain and wind.

Principal's Message: 09/1/19

It's been an amazing start to the 2019-2020 school year! I’m glad to report that we are again off to an outstanding start to the new school year. The children are excited about school and I'm very pleased with our beginning.